Raid and The Blackest Sheep (Harri Nykänen)

Saatavuus: Varastossa

Normaalihinta: 6,40 €

Tarjoushinta 3,84 €

  • Ilmestymisvuosi : 09/2010
  • Kustantaja : Ice Cold Crime
  • ISBN : 9780982444924
  • Sivuja : 242
  • Sidosasu : Nidottu



Hard-nosed hit man Raid is driving toward the Arctic Circle with Nygren, a career criminal in the twilight of his life. As they journey northward, Nygren puts his affairs in order, wreaking vengeance on those who have wronged him and paying penance to those he has wronged. Their first stop is at a church, where a sham preacher is fleecing his congregation for money.

Soon, both cops and crooks are on the trail of the mysterious pair. Detective Lieutenant Jansson and his colleagues are interested in any potential jobs the notorious criminals might be planning. A couple of accomplices from Nygren's past believe he has a hidden stash of cash, and want a share for themselves. In the end, the pilgrimage leaves a trail of wounded and dead in its wake.

Harri Nykanen, 57, is a Finnish author who has written nearly 30 books and is best known for his Raid series. While Nykanen's work has been translated into many languages, Raid and the Blackest Sheep is the first of his novels to be published in English. A series based on the Raid character has appeared on television in both Finland and select U.S. markets, and a Raid movie also appeared in Finnish theaters.